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Concrete Gutter Repair Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Our company was contacted by a domestic household to clean and repair concrete guttering in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire.

The guttering had been leaking for some time and the home owner had been informed that an internal mould problem that had recently developed was being caused by a damp problem brought on by the cracked concrete gutters at the front of the property.

The front gutter was full of decomposed leaves, dirt, moss and other debris that over time had crept into the down pipe and impaired the pipe from functioning at capacity, this blockage was consistently preventing the dispersion of rain water during moderate to heavy rainfall causing the gutter to fill and overflow onto the fabric of the building to cause additional problems for the property. The guttering systems primary purpose is to dispense water away from the building but this gutter was working against the property by holding a large volume of water against the property for prolonged periods of time.

The concrete gutter had several cracks which we identified on inspection and repaired and re-sealed after cleaning the guttering system.

Our company offered the household the optional choice of a protective coating that would actively protect the guttering system from future cracks and leaks for up to a 25 year period, this coating and personal guarantee from our company was accepted by the domestic client.

After the guttering was thoroughly cleaned Riolett applied the protective waterproof coating and provided the client with a written guarantee of the protective gutter coatings 25 year lifespan.

Concrete Gutter Repair Photos

If you would like a free quote for the price of concrete gutter repair in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire from a reliable gutter cleaning company please contact us on Tel: 01908 785052 Mob: 07538 489392 or contact us for a no obligation quotation.

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