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Soffits And Fascia Refit Milton Keynes

Jump to PhotosAll the Guttering, Fascia's and Soffits and downpipe are in Brown. The customer wanted these refit in white to compliment the rest of the house features.

Before Soffit Fascia Refit Milton Keynes Before Soffit Fascia Refit Milton Keynes. The Client also wanted all the Gutter, Fascia and soffits of the Garage to his property refitted in white to match the fittings on his property.

How we did it

We first remove all the old products of the building. To ensure a good reliable fix to the wood, we sometimes have to do some extension work of the mature rafter feet.

We then fitted all heavy duty UPVC white fascia and Soffits to the roofline of the properties.

We then fitted the new guttering and downpipes. We run a full water test to make sure the new system was working to its full capacity without any problems.

After final checks are made to the system, we made sure that all the work area was left in a clean state. We are removing all old products with us so the customer has nothing to clean up after we have left.

After Soffit Fascia Refit Milton Keynes After Soffit Fascia Refit Milton Keynes

As you can see from the pictures all the gutters, fascias, soffits and downpipes have been refitted to this property all in white making such a difference to the look of the house.

What a difference. The time duration for the works to be completed on this property took a full day. We had three members of staff on the job. The Client was fully satisfied with all the works completed and the difference it made to his property.

If you would like a free quote for the price of soffits and fascia refit in Milton Keynes from a reliable gutter cleaning company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.